DiSC Behaviour Profiling

Although the basis of DiSC behaviour profiling was first written about in the 1920s, it is the development of various online tests over the last 15 years that has seen this form of Psychometric Test explode around the world. It is now estimated that over 40 million people worldwide have been profiled. The test is undoubtedly valid, but too often people are tested and not given any information as to what to do with the results or how DiSC profiling can help in all areas of life from communicating with your significant other or work colleague to selling or persuading a complete stranger.

Our DiSC workshop will ensure that each attendee

  • understands the basis of DiSC behaviour profiling,
  • learns how to spot different DiSC profiles
  • improves their communication with other profiles
  • understands group dynamics in terms of DiSC
  • gains an insight into how best to persuade and influence different DiSC types

This workshop is suited to group sessions of up to 10 people within a company, specifically at board/management level. Price dependent on size of group and location.

There are also quarterly workshops in London open to individuals at £399 + VAT

Strategic Planning

Having a vision & mission statement along with a clear set of core values for your business is considered essential for any business with more than a handful of employees. Often businesses overlook the importance or fail to update and communicate this effectively with their team over time. We provide the tools and methods that enable the leaders to define where they would like to take their business, how they are going to do that and why they exist in the first place.

Our Strategic Planning involves initial assessment of the leader’s core values and beliefs and a bespoke 1 day or 2 half day sessions to build a vision statement that can be shared within the business, a mission statement that can shared externally and core values that ensure all stakeholders are clear as to how the business will operate at all times.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in this bespoke service.